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 Version 13 - (16-Dec)
1.  New featured - Other Record Address (Section 47(3))
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2.  New featured: 12 digits Registration Number (Resolution Header will show New Registration No)  
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 Version 12 - (8-Nov)
1.  New Featured - (MBRS - AR4) - Annual Return Where Particulars are Unchanged
2.  New Tutorial - MBRS Xtract (Template Setting)  
 Watch Tutorial - Get Figure from word
 Watch Tutorial - Ignore Negative Sign
 Watch Tutorial - Include Preceded by
 Version 11 - (16-Oct)
1.  New feature : New Registration No (12 digit)
 SSM e-Search in Superior ComSec
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 Version 10 - (10-Oct)
1.   New System : Superior MBRS Xtract (Complete MBRS Financial Statement-(FS-MPERS) 'in minutes'.)
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 Version 9 - (7-Oct)
1.   New featured: Able to Key-In (MBRS - Financial Statement) (FS-MPERS)
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 See Tutorial - Generate ZipFile  
2.   New enhanced: Optimize Speed in Superior Comsec. When your PC is very slow.
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3.   New featured: Able to set default occupation for Director, Secretary, Manager etc
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 Version 8- (2-July)
1.  New featured: Able to customised Annual Return Company Info display items.      
 Version 7- (24-Jun)
1.  Bug fixed: Nature of Business can not key in long words.      
2.  Bug fixed: In Circulation of Audited Financial Statements" When it is 1st AGM. It should be period ended not year ended      
 Version 6- (28-May)
1.  New Section : Section 282(1) - Notification of Resignation of Auditor.    
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2.  New Section : Section 47(3) - Notification of Change in the Address where registers or records are kept.
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3.  New enhanced: When your PC is Windows XP and don't have .net Framework 4.0. Please run it below  
 .Net Framework 4.0 Installer
4.  New enhanced: (User Privilege Setting) - Not allow add/edit/delete Company Info Data  
 Version 5- (26-Mar)
1.  New enhanced: Include Cover Letter in Section 618(8) or (9) - Batch Print      
2.  New enhanced: Include Resolution for Change Director Service Address, Change Secretary Business Address  
 Version 4- (18-Mar)
1.  Bug fixed: Spelling Error in Section 618(8) or (9)      
2.  Bug fixed: Spelling Error in Reminder Letter  
 Version 3- (13-Mar)
1.  New featured: Section 618(8) or (9) Notice of share capital
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 Version 2- (26-Feb)
1.  New featured: MBRS - EPC (Exempt Private Company)
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2.  New enhanced: Company Profile Report include "Nature of Business Explanatory"  
3.  Bug fixed: e-Query,e-Compound (SSM website change)  
4.  Bug fixed: MyCoId - Section 58 (Address not in Malaysia)  
 Version 1- (31-Dec)
1.  New enhanced in MBRS Annual Return: Include Signature in MBRS Report
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2.  New Section : Section 261 (EPC Use)
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3.  New field: Optional-Cover Letter show Reference No.