Superior SST Accounting Tutorial

SST, Account Features
GST-03 Form ITRR
GST In suspend (Bank-Payment,Purchase) 21 days rule
GST Audit File (GAF) Reconciliation
AR Bad Debt Relief and Recover AP Bad Debt Relief and Recover
Import GST-03 into TAP GST-UOM (Unit of measurement)
Default Setting rounding Barcode feature
Customer Ageing Report Supplier Ageing Report
Search Inventory Close / Un-Close Financial Year End
Settlement Information Merge Inventory
Merge Entity Recalculate Inventory Costing
General Entry - Journal Voucher Closing Stock
Transaction - Data Export Transaction - Data Import
Privilege Features
Add User Auto Schedule Backup Database
Backup and Restore Company Backup all Company in the system
Change User Password Not Allow View Company by Specify User
Not Allow Transaction for Specify User and Company
Blocked Specify User to view Specify Account code by using "Tier Method"
Other Features
Entity Category Double click for more info
Drill Down Report Auto-Billing (Batch Produce Tax Invoice)
De-activate AutoNumbering Receipt Printer
Import Data from other software Import Data from Excel
GP Printer(Receipt Printer) Driver Installation Report Template
Template - Bank Template - General Entry
Batch Import - Cash Sales (Non-Item) Batch Import - Bank Payment
Preset Body & Subject in Email Setup a Gmail (Email)
Setup a Yahoo (Email) Setup a Outlook (Email)
Send Email Batch Email - with Invoice etc
Comparative - Income Statement Comparative - Balance Sheet
Set Default SR-0% (Item) Set Default SR-0% (Non-Item)
Set Default ZP-0% (Item) Set Default ZP-0% (Non-Item)
Dongle (License) Key Not Found (Error 40) Database Not Running
Direct Upgrade License Key Customise on Document(s) Template (Tax Invoice, Quotation, DO etc)
Backup and Restore Company Data with Attachment Document Attachment
Batch Print
WhatApp Setting
Send WhatApp using Website Send WhatApp using App
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