Superior ComSec/MBRS Xtract Tutorial

Particular Information
Superior ComSec - Overview
Create New Company Create New Search Name
Search Company Search Person
Company Information Incorporation
MBRS Xtract
MBRS Xtract - How it Work MBRS Xtract - Overview
MBRS Xtract - Template Setting
Search Engine Get Figure from word
Include Preceded by Ignore Negative Sign
Use System Fields Remove Unnecessary Content
Move Excel Page to othe Work Sheet
MBRS - Annual Return (AR1)
Generate MBRS AR1 Zip File MBRS AR1 Report
Submition MBRS AR1 to SSM
Seperate Ordinary and Preference Share in MBRS-AR1, Section 68 for the same member holding Ordinary and Preference
MBRS - Exempt Private Company (EPC)
Generate MBRS EPC Zip File Submition MBRS EPC to SSM
MBRS - Financial Statement (FS-MPERS)
FS-MPERS - Overview FS-MPERS - Generate Zipfile
Create Next Financial Year FS-MPERS FS-MPERS - Search Engine
Set Level Rounding Use in Financial Statement
Post and Unpost Activities How to create an event with (Table)
Drag and drop to set ordering in Form 49
Drag and drop to set ordering for signing person position
Activity - Beneficial Ownership
Send Reminder Letter Beneficial Ownership Activity
Edit/Change Beneficial Owner Information Cease/Cease All Beneficial Owner
Senior Management Joint Arrangement
First time upload e-Bos from Superior ComSec but BO already Posted
Percentage of Ownership/Voting Rights can set use Legal Owner %/ Benefial Owner %
Activity - Director
Appointment of Director Resignation of Director
Activity - Secretary
Appointment of Secretary Resignation of Secretary
Change Secretary Info to all relevant company
Activity - Manager
Appointment of Manager Resignation of Manager
Activity - Member
Allot Allot - Preference Share
Transfer Split
Consolidate Loss
Redeem Preference Share (Redemption)
Activity - Auditor
Appointment of Auditor Resignation of Auditor
Activity - Tax Agent
Appointment of Tax Agent Resignation of Tax Agent
Activity - Charge
Charge Discharge
Activity - Bank
Open Current Account Close Current Account
Open Fixed Deposit Account Open eBanking Account
Change Signatory of Current Account
Custom Bank Letter link with existing Data in System
Activity - AGM / Annual Return
AGM AGM - Director Fees
AGM - No Director Fees Annual Return - Act 1965
Annual Return (Section 68) - Act 2016
Activity - Dividend Vouchers
Interim First and Final
Final Year Ended/Year Ending in Dividend Voucher
Activity - Others Activities
Change Book kept Address Change Company Name
Change Registered Address - Act 1965 Change Registered Address - Act 2016
Change Statutory records' Address Change Financial Year End
New/Additional Business Address Change Business Address
Closure Business Address Increase Authorised Capital
Strike Off Charge Amount in Annual Return
Proxy Form Form 6
Form 11 Form 13A
Form 24 Form 25
Form 28 Form 32A
Form 41 / 42 / 42B / 43 Form 44
Form 48A Form 48C
Form 48E Form 48F
Form 49 Form 53
Appointment Letter - Director Resignation Letter - Director
Appointment Letter - Secretary Resignation Letter - Secretary
Appointment Letter - Manager Resignation Letter - Manager
Appointment Letter - Auditor Resignation Letter - Auditor
Annual Return (Act 1965) Annual Return (Section 68) - Act 2016
AGM AGM - Director Fees
AGM - No Director Fees EGM
Confirmation Letter Consent Letter
Consent to waive pre-emption rights Letter Consent to Act As Director Letter
Indemnity Letter (Loss Certificate) Statutory Declaration (Loss Certificate)
Letter of Application for Shares Letter of Application for Shares (Preference Share)
Directors' Resolution, Circular Resolution, Written Resolution Members' Resolution, Circular Resolution, Written Resolution
EPC Certificate Special Notice for Removal Auditor
M & A Extract Resolution
Customize Letter First Board of Directors' Meeting
Cover Letter Cover Letter - For Incorporation
Cover Letter - Change Selection (Tick) in Cover Letter Strike Off - Letter of Waiver of Debts
Reminder Letter - Annual Return Reminder Letter - Financial Statements
Declaration of Beneficial Owner Notification of Beneficial Ownership Information
Letter of Authorization for Safekeeping of Share Certificate(s)
Company Profile Report Personal Listing Report
Master Listing Report (Sample 1) Master Listing Report (Sample 2)
Pending Activities Report Posted Activities Report
Directorship and Shareholding movement Report Annual Return Company Info Sign By
Register Reports
Register of Director Report Register of Secretary Report
Register of Manager Report Register of Charge Report
Register of Members Report Register of Transfer Report
Register of Beneficial Ownership Report Summary of Members Listing Report
Pre-set e-BOS Login email & password Pre-set MyCoID Login email & password
Confirmation Letter - Company Info Event - M & A
Identifier Race
Occupation Set default Occupation
User Profile/Setting Signature Setting
List Of Financial Record List of Register Books
Nature of Business Customised Annual Return Company Info Setting
Company Profile Setting Company Categories
Resolution Format
Header Setting Show Resolution Header only in First Page
Footer Setting Footnote Setting
Print Certificate Cancel Certificate
Certificate for Preference Share when Allot
Set Default Folder use in Attachment Attachment
Document Viewer
Change Form 6 using Document Viewer Change Form 11 using Document Viewer
Change Annual Return using Document Viewer - Example 1
Change Annual Return using Document Viewer - Example 2
Other Features & Settings
Set Not Allow Users to do e-BOS Set Not Allow Users to do MyCoID
Import data from Superior TaxComp Auto-Backup Feature
Send Email Preset Body & Subject in Email
Setup a Gmail (Email) Setup a Yahoo (Email)
Setup a Outlook/Hotmail (Email) Optimize Speed of Superior ComSec
SSM e-Query SSM e-Compound
Dongle (License) Key Not Found (Error 40) Database Not Running
SSM e-Search (New Registration Number) Hide Certificate Number in Report, Resolution
(Notification, Alert, Reminder) for Due Date in Account, Annual Return, Passport Expiry, Secretary License / Praticing Certificate.
Define Custom Share Category for Ordinary, Preference (Optional)
Convert Ordinary Share to Preference Share
Direct Upgrade License Key
Change Existing State Name to New State Name to All Related State fields in the System
Domain User Setting for Windows 7, 8, 10 - 64Bit
Domain User Setting for Windows XP, Vista, 7 - 32Bit
WhatApp Setting
Send WhatApp using Website Send WhatApp using App
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