Superior TaxComp Tutorial

Basic Feature
Main Screen Feature Superior TaxComp - Overview
Create New Personal Tax File Search Personal Tax File
Create New Partnership Tax File Search Partnership Tax File
Add Partner Member(s) Auto Transfer to Partner(s)
Partnership (Multiple Account)
Create New Company Tax File Search Company Tax File
Add Director(s) & Shareholder(s)
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
Create New LLP Tax File
Add Business Information Business Income
Analysis of Account Analysis of Account - Features
Unabsorbed Business Losses Investment Tax Allowance (ITA)
Import Analysis of Account from Excel File Business Partnership
Sample Excel File (Analysis of Account)
Other Incomes - Employment
Add Employer Information Money / Benefit
Provident Fund Tax Allowance
Employment Compensation Deductible Expenditure
Benefit In Kind Value of accomodation - Category 1
Value of accomodation - Category 2 Value of accomodation - Category 3
Gratuity Example 1 Gratuity Example 2
Other Incomes - Dividend
Other Incomes - Interest & Discount
Deemed Interest Check ALR Rate in
Interest & Discount
Other Incomes - Rental
Rental Rental Exemption
Other Incomes - Royalty & Premiums
Royalty & Premiums
Capital Allowance
Own Finance, Hire Purchase Fixed Asset Additions Schedule
Agriculture Import Capital Allowance from Excel File
Sample Excel File (Capital Allowance)
Other Deductions - Donation & Gift
Donation & Gift
Other Deductions - Relief
Relief (1 - 7) Relief (8 - 13)
Child Relief (14) Relief (15 - 19)
Other Deductions - Section
Section 60F Section 132 / 133
Tax Rebate Section 6D
Other Deductions - Exemption on Increase of Chargeable Business Income
Exemption on Increase of Chargeable Business Income
Tax Payable & Payment
Instalment Withholding Taxes
Tax Paid Tax Estimated
All Form(s) BE/B/M/E/P/PT/CP30/C/R etc All HK and Computation(s)
Form CP55 [1/2019] CP204
Reminder Letter - (Personal, Partnership) Reminder Letter - (Company, LLP, CP204)
Reminder Letter - (Personal, Partnership) Reminder Letter - (Company, LLP, CP204)
Master Listing Customer Listing
Watermark in All Reports and Forms Cover and Table of Contents
Show/Hide "Certified By" in Tax Booklet
e-Filing Form BE e-Filing Form C
e-Filing C.P.8D Y/A-2023 e-Filing Form E Y/A-2023
Preset Tax Agent e-Filing (ID and Password) - Optional
Preset Personal e-Filing (ID and Password) - Optional
Auditor Auditor Info (Change to All)
Labuan Entity Financial Particular
Financial Particular (Transfer Data from Previous Year) Financial Particular (Copy from Excel, Spreadsheet etc)
Document Attachment PDF24
Controlled Transaction Section 139 and 140A (Controlled transactions)
Holding Company Exempt Account
Exempted under paragraph 28 of Schedule 6 CbCR (Country-by-Country Reporting)
Payslip - EA Form , PCB2(II) Import Payroll Listing from Excel, Spreadsheet File
Import Payroll Listing (Manual Key In) Import Payroll Listing (Create Template)
Annual Salary Report Monthly Salary Report
EA Form, PCB2(II) PCB2(II)
Form E Payslip Setting
e-Filing C.P.8D Y/A-2023 e-Filing Form E Y/A-2023
Set [Date of Retirement/End of Contract As] by BATCH for C.P.8D use Generate txt file for C.P.8D use in e-Filing
Export / Import Staff, Payslip Info into Superior TaxComp by using Excel/Spreadsheet File.
Auditor Master Company Profile
User Profile/Setting Identifier
Report Footer IRB Branch
Other Features & Settings
Password Protection on Single Tax File Import data from Superior ComSec
Dongle (License) Key Not Found (Error 40) Database Not Running
Send Email Preset Body & Subject in Email
Send Email (Attachment File(s) with Password) Reminder Letter - Batch Email
Completed Tax File (Form BE,B,M,P,PT,C,E) Batch Email
Setup a Gmail (Email) Setup a Yahoo (Email)
Setup a Outlook/Hotmail (Email) Optimize Speed of Superior TaxComp
Direct Upgrade License Key
Domain User Setting for Windows 7, 8, 10 - 64Bit
Domain User Setting for Windows XP, Vista, 7 - 32Bit
WhatApp Setting
Send WhatApp using Website Send WhatApp using App
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