Superior TimeCost Tutorial

Basic Features
Main Screen Features Superior TimeCost - Overview
Internal Mail Internal Mail with Attachment
TimeSheet - Fill by Hour TimeSheet - Fill by Time Period
Create Project Edit Project
Query Project Job Allocate
Clone Project
TimeSheet TimeSheet Summary
Non-Productive and Leave - Detail Non-Productive and Leave - Summary
TimeCost Billing Project Listing
Job Allocate Job Performance
Customer Listing Dispatch Summary
Expenses Claim Form Bill History
Expenses Schedule Report Overtime
(Short) Time
System Setting
Master Setting
Action Check List
Customer - Group Employer - Department
Dispatch - Description Dispatch - Title
Expenses in TimeSheet Holiday
Customer - Identifier Job Level
Non-Productive Job Progress / Stage
Progress Status State
Team Title in Project
Customer - Entity User Level
Category in TimeSheet Customer Category
Setting in Project / Job
Setting in Project / Job
User Profile/Setting
User Profile / Setting Allow/Restrict User to Search Project
Public Holiday
Public Holiday
Broadcast Setting
Broadcast Setting
Other Features & Settings
Audit Trail - For Project Audit Trail - For Customer
Dongle (License) Key Not Found (Error 40) Database Not Running
Clone TimeSheet
Direct Upgrade License Key
Domain User Setting for Windows 7, 8, 10 - 64Bit
Domain User Setting for Windows XP, Vista, 7 - 32Bit
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