Superior ComSec / MBRS Xtract


Superior ComSec Tutorial
1. New Enhanced:
  Percentage of Ownership/Voting Rights can set use Legal Owner % or Benefial Owner % in Section 68/Beneficial Owner (BO) Information/Register of BO
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2. New Enhanced:
  Able to set Default Folder use in Attachment
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3. New Enhanced:
  Cover Letter include New Registration No for Lodger

Service Pack

Backup the ComSec Database before doing the service pack. Watch Tutorial
Download TOGETHER the below ComSec Server, Superior ComSec for upgrade to Latest Version. Watch Tutorial
Current Service Pack for Year 2021
Version 2021.6
   ComSec Server     Superior ComSec 
When your current Superior ComSec version is less then 2020.11. Please upgrade the Service Pack 2020.11 first before proceed the above Service pack.
Last Service Pack for Year 2020
Version 2020.11
ComSec Server Superior ComSec
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