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 Superior TimeCost
 Version 2014.4
 Superior TaxComp
 Version 2014.15
 CP204a Y/A 2015
 Superior ComSec
 Version 2014.8
 Superior TimeCost
 Version 2014.3
 Superior TaxComp
 Version 2014.14
 Superior RPGT
 Version 2014.1
 New Rate for Y/A2014
 Superior Tutorial
 Tutorial - Version 1
 Superior TaxComp
 Superior ComSec
 Superior TimeCost
 Superior RPGT
   Form B/BE/P/M/C/R/E/EA
   Unlimited clients and users
Superior TaxComp Tutorial Other Information of Superior TaxComp
   Forms/Resolution/AGM/Annual Return/Share Certificate
   Unlimited clients and users
Superior ComSec Tutorial Other Information of Superior ComSec
   CKHT 1A/1B, CKHT 2A, CKHT 3, CKHT 501/502
   Unlimited clients
Superior RPGT Tutorial Other Information of Superior RPGT
    Job monitoring analysis / Timesheet
   Manage time and expenses towards job, customer or employee
   Built in internal email system within organisation
   Manage Dispatch in/out
   Unlimited clients and users
Superior TimeCost Tutorial Other Information of Superior TimeCost

   Superior TaxComp Price List
Package Price
 Form B/BE/P/M/E/EA* RM 2299
 Form C/R/E/EA* RM 1999
 Full* RM 3999
   Superior TaxComp - Lite Price List
Package Price
 Form B/BE/P/M/E/EA RM 1999
   Form C/R
 Limited 250 clients
   Superior ComSec Price List
Package Price
 Superior ComSec RM 3999
   Superior TimeCost Price List
Package Price
 Superior TimeCost RM 3999
   Superior RPGT Price List
Package Price
 Superior RPGT RM 999
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   019-363 7000 (Tim)
   019-283 7000 (Rachel)
   016-520 2010 (Chong)
   019-203 7000 (Steven)
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